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Yamaha RX100 To Reintroduce In India With New Features

Yamaha RX100 To Reintroduce In India With New Features

Yamaha plans to reintroduce its RX100 in India with new features which include built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The company has also introduced a new color option, the brown Sunset Orange.

Yamaha RX100 has been a well-received product over the years with numerous features designed to make it easier and more convenient to use. In addition, monitoring sound levels is made easier with the new Sound Check function that is now available on Yamaha instruments. With this new feature, players can be sure they are always playing at their optimum settings. Yamaha also introduced a redesigned digital piano interface that makes it simple to navigate through the various parameters of the instrument.

Rx 100
Yamaha RX 100

Yamaha RX100 Introduction

Yamaha is all set to reintroduce the RX100 motorcycle in India. The new Yamaha RX100 will come with various updates, which include a new engine, chassis, and ABS.

The Yamaha RX100 was first introduced in India back in 2013, and it was a huge success. The motorcycle was praised for its sleek design and powerful engine.

The new Yamaha RX100 will come with a single-cylinder engine that produces 117 horsepower and 97 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox. The motorcycle can reach speeds of up to 150 km/h.

The Yamaha RX100 will also come with updated features such as a new chassis and ABS. The chassis has been strengthened to handle heavier loads, while the ABS system helps to avoid accidents by preventing sudden stops.

The Yamaha RX100 will be available in two colors – Red and Silver. It is expected to be available in dealerships starting from early 2018.

What is New on the RX100?

Yamaha Motor Company has announced a new model in its popular RX series – the RX100. The new RX100 features updated styling, including a more aggressive front end and revised rear end. Other new features include a higher-quality sound system, an updated touchscreen display, and an expanded range of accessories available.

The Yamaha RX100 is now available in India with several upgraded features that make it an even more popular choice for riders. The Yamaha RX100 is now easier to operate thanks to a user-friendly touchscreen display with intuitive commands. The high-quality sound system provides clear sound while you ride, regardless of the environment. And the expanded range of accessories makes it easy to customize your motorcycle to your own personal style.

This new model from Yamaha is perfect for riders who are looking for an affordable and reliable motorcycle. It features all the features that riders have come to expect from the Yamaha brand, and it comes in a variety of styles that will fit any rider’s personality. If you’re looking for a motorcycle that will help you reach your fitness goals, the Yamaha RX100 is perfect for you!


Why buy the RX100?

Yamaha has announced that the RX100 camera is coming to India with new features. The RX100 is a small, lightweight camera that is perfect for capturing video and photos in any situation.

The new features of the RX100 include 4K resolution video recording and 8MP still images. These features make it a great choice for bloggers and videographers who want to capture high-quality videos and photos.

The Yamaha RX100 also has a built-in ND filter that allows you to shoot footage in brightly lit environments without having to worry about noise or grain.

The Yamaha RX100 is available now at authorized dealers in India, and it is sure to become a popular choice for bloggers and videographers.

Where can you find the RX100?

Yamaha Motor Corporation, the global power player in the two-wheeler industry, today announced that it will reintroduce the Yamaha RX100 in India with new features and specifications.

The Yamaha RX100 was launched in 2016 and was a runaway success. It was the first ever streetfighter-style motorcycle to be sold in India. The Yamaha RX100 is a modern day classic and continues to be one of Yamaha Motor Corporation’s most popular models.

The Yamaha RX100 is now available with a host of new features and specifications, making it even more appealing to riders in India. The updated model has been designed for Indian conditions, including increased wind resistance and a slimmer frame for improved handling. It also comes with a host of new safety features, including advanced ABS (anti-lock braking system) and DTC (dynamic Traction Control).

Yamaha Motor Corporation is committed to providing riders with high-quality motorcycles that are perfect for Indian conditions. The updated Yamaha RX100 is the perfect motorcycle for riders who want a stylish, practical bike that can handle any terrain.


Yamaha Motor Co Ltd is reintroducing the RX line of motorcycles in India, with updated features and a new design. Yamaha says that it has worked closely with Indian riders and dealers to develop the new models, including incorporating feedback from test rides around the country. The company plans to start selling the motorcycles in April 2019 and says that prices will be lower than those for its other models.

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